Deluxe Christmas Hamper – AUS$120 to AUS$150

We also include two Christmas socks, Christmas pens, two Christmas hats, cheese and crackers, and a tiny Christmas tree.

Christmas Dinner Hamper – AUS$200 to AUS$300

Orders must be made 2 weeks in advance. This hamper includes perishables and this should be taken into account for use.

Corporate Gift Hampers – AUS$30 TO AUS$200

These hampers generally include pens, mugs, mouse pads, key chains, notepads, fridge magnets, USB drives, wine, chocolates, utility knives, and nuts.

Welcome to My Christmas Hampers! We are all about making people happy and making them feel special and loved. Gift hampers are a great way to tell people they are valued and that they are special. Gift hampers are versatile and can be customised to suit the needs of a specific lucky recipient.
What We Offer
We offer a range of standard hampers that you can choose from for your Christmas or corporate gifting needs.
• Christmas hampers
• Corporate gift hampers
• Custom birthday hampers
• Custom baby-shower hampers
We also offer printing service for corporate gifts. If you would like your corporate gifts to be more specific and have an inscription or the company logo, we can do that too. Our corporate printed gifts include:
• Mugs
• T-shirts
• USB drives
• Mouse pads
• Scarves
• Glasses
Our History
We are a family business in Moonee Ponds and we have been sharing joy and happiness for almost 30 years. We are well-known in our community and we have clients ranging from big corporations to local bakeries to individuals. We love making people happy and that is why we only offer the best items for inclusion in our hampers. Some of our items are homemade and others are sourced from reliable and good quality suppliers.
We upgrade our items regularly to keep up with new developments, but we always keep the traditional yummy treats and items that we know will be a hit.
My Christmas Hampers is your best option for great and special gift hampers. Visit the OUR HAMPERS page for more information or send us an email at hampers@mychristmashampers.com.au.