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7 Tips for a Great Office Christmas Party

Christmas parties at the office have a reputation for being awkward or sometimes getting out of hand. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to do Christmas office parties without the drama and where people just have fun. If you are planning the party, consider the following tips to make it memorable and enjoyable.

Set the Scene – Get it right from the invitations to the décor to the food. Make it all Christmasy and stylish and not over the top. If people feel that the party will be relaxed and fun, they will be less nervous about it. You don’t have to spend a fortune on décor and invitations, but try and get into the spirit of things.

Avoid roll call – Roll call is the last thing you want at a party. Instead of the impersonal type receptions, rather have hosts that show people to their seats and cut out the awkwardness. There are many students in need of extra cash.


Serve the right food – It is a Christmas party, so obviously, you need some Christmas-related food. However, try to also incorporate normal favourites like pasta or burgers or sandwiches. Not everyone will necessarily enjoy the whole Christmas dinner feast. The food is very important. A buffet works well, but finger food and waiters also work very well. It is very important to serve enough food. Hungry guests is something you don’t want.

Serve the right drinks – Try to cater for as many tastes as possible. Not everyone will drink alcohol, so have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Cocktails are always a winner, but also have some wine available. Soft drinks and juice will be good for those opting for non-alcoholic options. You can theme the drinks and colours and make it more festive.

Have some fun – Have a photo booth or a photographer that can take fun pictures with props. This is a fun activity that most people will enjoy and it will give them a souvenir. It will also take away the stiffness of taking a company photo.

Small hampers – If your budget allows for it, give each employee or each guest a small Christmas hamper. There is no need for this to be extravagantly expensive. A simple hamper with two or three Christmas items will do a good job. It will make the guests feel special and also give them something to take home and enjoy.

Have good music – It is a mistake to go all out Christmas music. Yes, it’s a Christmas party but there is no need to bore everyone with the same old music. Have a good mix of oldies, modern music, and Christmas songs. The music is important for setting the mood, making people feel good, and keeping them upbeat.

If you follow these pointers, your Christmas party is sure to be a success. Good food, good drinks, and good music is the best base for any good party.