Welcome To My Christmas Hampers

My Christmas Hampers is a gift hamper business located in Moonee Ponds. We offer a large variety of gift hamper options for Christmas gifts as well as general corporate gifts.

How to Plan Your Gift Hamper

Gift hampers make excellent gifts for almost any occasion. The key is to plan it the right way. Here at My Christmas Hampers, we help our clients plan them. To make sure you choose the right thing and know exactly how to decide what you want to add to a hamper, follow our simple advice. If you want to make your loved one feel special, you should plan your hamper and ensure you include their favourite things.
1. Know what the recipient likes. The first important thing is to know who you want to give the hamper to and what the person likes. A hamper is sort of a personal gift and if you don’t pay attention to the contents you may miss the opportunity to really make your person feel special. Make a list of all the food items and small things that he or she likes and bring it with you to the gift hamper suppliers.

2. Keep the occasion in mind. It is also important to take into account why you are buying the hamper. Is it a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, etc? This may also make a difference in which items you want to include in a hamper. For Christmas, it is nice to have a few specifically Christmas-themes items while for a birthday you can make it more specific to the person.
3. Budget for your hamper. You need to know how much you are willing to spend on the hamper. It will help to know what a hamper might cost when you plan. You can then budget for the purpose or decide which size you can afford. A hamper doesn’t have to be big to be special. A personal touch is always appreciated.
4. Add your own touch. To make any hamper extra special, add a little something special. Earrings, a CD, a picture, scented candles, etc. are all personal touches that make the recipient know you went the extra mile and that you love them
These steps will help you plan the perfect hamper. If you are still unsure, contact your hamper suppliers and find out more about how they work and what they offer.

Ideal Occasions for Gift Hampers

When you cannot decide what type of gift to give someone, a gift hamper is always a good call. People love hampers and they usually include all kinds of delicious, pretty, and even practical items that make it more exciting. Receiving a few small personalised items can go a long way. So, for which occasions are gift hampers appropriate? Almost any one. Let’s look at some ideas.


This is one of the more obvious occasions. A Christmas hamper can be for a picnic or as a gift. Many places offer hampers that include all the makings of a delicious Christmas dinner picnic. Others may contain all the yummy cookies, candies, and other Christmas items that make Christmas great. Add personal favourites to a hamper and a heartfelt note, card, or poem and you will be a winner.


Nothing can make someone feel special like hamper on their birthday. Depending on your relationship with the person, you can order a standard hamper with a few favourites and then add some hand-made or personal items that will make it extra special. There are no limits to what can go into a hamper.

Baby Showers

This is one of the easiest occasions to make a hamper for. You will find that some baby clothing and toy stores actually offer services for making hampers. These types of hampers are a lot of fun because there are such a wide variety of items that you can include. You can add things for the mom, the dad, and of course the baby. Clothes, products, toys, books, chocolates, bubble bath, diapers, etc. – the possibilities are endless.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can be given for different purposes. Every company or boss will have a different approach to celebrating achievements, birthdays, promotions, and service. Not everyone will give gifts, but many do. Corporate gifts are usually given as rewards and also on company retreats or team building events. Options for corporate gift hampers can include t-shirts and caps for team building. Pen and pencil sets, mugs, ties, USB drives, etc. are all good options. Many of these items are not too expensive and can all be thrown together into a hamper to make a special gift.

Thank you

Saying thank you can sometimes seem very feeble. A thank you accompanied by a gift hamper with all sorts of great things in it is much more effective. If you really want to thank someone for something they did or congratulate them on an achievement, go with a gift hamper. Any hamper will do in this case and you cannot go wrong. As long as you keep in mind whether the person is vegetarian or has some other preference, you cannot go wrong.

Almost any occasion can be made more special by giving someone a gift hamper. Yes, one great gift is fantastic if you know what they want, but a hamper is a lifesaver when you are not sure. Make someone feel special and give them a gift hamper.

Choose the Right Gift Hamper Supplier

If you want to give someone a gift hamper but you are not creative enough or don’t have time, you want to hire a hamper making company. These guys are experts at putting together amazing hampers that will say exactly what you need it to. However, you need to make the right choice. A hamper business like My Christmas Hampers is ideal for making your hampers. They have been in business for many years, they have a lot of experience, and the community and local businesses trust and respect them.

These are the things you need to look for when hiring a hamper business:

1. Do some research

Find out which hamper businesses are in your vicinity. You can also find reputable online hamper businesses that deliver. The important thing is to do research on their service history and customer satisfaction. Look for reviews and ask friends and family if they have used these businesses and what their experience was.

2. Choose a business with experience and variety

A hamper business that has been around for a few years are more likely to offer good service. They are also more likely to be legit. There are many people out there trying to scam people out of their money and you should be sure this is not the case. A good variety of items and services is also a sign of a good hamper business. If their available hampers and items show that they cater for different events and types of people and that they stay up to date with the latest trends and things, they are likely a good option.

3. Look at their prices

Good quality hampers can be a bit expensive, but they are worth it. If you consider everything that goes into a hamper, the cost makes sense. However, a hamper can be pricey without being outrageous. Beware of businesses that advertise prices that are too good be true or too expensive without any explicit reason why. If the business uses gourmet and very high-end items then it would make sense, but if it looks like standard hampers at outrageous prices, keep looking.

4. Keep perishables in mind

If you want a hamper that has perishables like cheese, bread, or other such things, try getting a local hamper business. Ordering these items online can only end in catastrophe. Courier and mailing services are not reliable enough to ensure that these items get to you before they go bad.

If you look for the right thing, you will find very talented and passionate hamper makers. These guys know how to build a hamper that says everything you want it to and makes that special someone feel extra special. So, go for the experienced business with a good reputation and a good variety to choose from.