Welcome To My Christmas Hampers

My Christmas Hampers is a gift hamper business located in Moonee Ponds. We offer a large variety of gift hamper options for Christmas gifts as well as general corporate gifts.

Must-Have Items for a Christmas Gift Hamper

A Christmas hamper is a great gift. It is important that the Christmas hamper has all the right goodies, though. Every country has their own traditions, so if you are reading this and you’re not Australian, adjust it to your own traditions. Christmas is a great time of year and there are just certain things that you must have in a hamper.

Chocolate – This goes without saying. Some delicious and themed Christmas chocolates is a must. Add some truffles or your loved one’s favourite chocolate. The more chocolate, the better.

Christmas candies – Candy canes, Turkish delight, fudge, and whatever other candy goes with Christmas must be in your hamper.

Christmas cookies – It’s not Christmas without the cookies. No matter what type of cookies your family loves, make sure that you have some. Gingerbread cookies or shortbread are always good options.

Wine – A bottle of wine or two and maybe some champagne is also good. Be even more awesome and throw in wine glasses. You will find that hamper businesses add wine glasses as a standard practice. It is convenient and thoughtful and you can open the bottle right there and then.

Jams – If the recipient of the hamper enjoys bread, add some jams to the hamper. Try and be creative and give them jams that are not just apricot or strawberry. You can find nice combinations like strawberries and champagne or fig and almond.

Cheese – If you have jam, you must have cheese and crackers. Cheese and crackers is a must whether it is a picnic hamper or not.

Personal items – When you have a hamper business making up your hamper, ask them to wait for you to add some personal items before they seal it. You can put in a CD, bath salts, a tie, perfume, jewellery, a note, or anything else that will make the gift hamper that much more special. Think carefully about these items and make sure that they bring the whole thing together.

A blanket – If you are making a picnic hamper, include a blanket. Hamper businesses do this and it is very successful.

Putting together a hamper takes planning and thought. Luckily, places like My Christmas Hampers are experts at this and will get together the perfect hamper in no time. If you specify what type of items you want, they get it and put together a beautiful basket. It is always a good idea to add something personal and extra special.

A gift hamper really is one of the best gifts you can give anyone. It is so wonderful to receive a gift that someone has put some effort and thought into. Try giving a gift hamper with the next special occasion and see how your loved one’s eyes light up. Make Christmas extra special and give a gift hamper.