Our Hampers

My Christmas Hampers offers a wide variety of options for gift hampers. We have a few standard hampers listed below, but we can also custom-make a hamper that will suit your needs best. If you would like a specific item in the hamper that is not on our list, we can try and get it for you or you can buy it and add it before we close up the hamper. You tell us what you want and we give you what you want as far as possible.
The prices for each indicates the range. The price is dependent on how many of the items you want in and whether you want to remove anything.
Christmas Hamper – AUS$50 to AUS$100

This is our standard small to medium-sized hamper. It includes an array of chocolates and Christmas candies. We also throw in a bottle of wine or two. To round off the yumminess we add Christmas cookies and bottle of jam.
Deluxe Christmas Hamper – AUS$120 to AUS$150
This hamper contains all the things in the standard hamper, but we add a few more of each. We also include two Christmas socks, Christmas pens, two Christmas hats, cheese and crackers, and a tiny Christmas tree.
Christmas Dinner Hamper – AUS$200 to AUS$300
This is the ideal hamper for a Christmas picnic. Orders must be made 2 weeks in advance. This hamper includes perishables and this should be taken into account for use. It includes cheese and crackers, wine, bread and jam, turkey, the rest of the makings of a Christmas dinner, Christmas cake, chocolate and candy, a picnic blanket, and two or four wine glasses.
Corporate Gift Hampers – AUS$30 TO AUS$200
We can make corporate gift hampers of different sizes depending on your budget. These hampers generally include pens, mugs, mouse pads, key chains, notepads, fridge magnets, USB drives, wine, chocolates, utility knives, and nuts.